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Nathalie Hoffman (EMBA ’04) is the founder and CEO of Brazil Business Link, the principal of law firm Nathalie Hoffman & Associates, and a proud double Bruin, with a J.D. and an Anderson MBA. Hoffman is a trail-blazing businesswoman at the forefront of establishing business relations with the entertainment and renewable energy industries in Brazil. [...]

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Entre Magazine Luiza e Amazon: a dura vida da Via Varejo

A varejista Via Varejo, dona de Casas Bahia e Ponto Frio, divulga nesta quarta-feira os resultados anuais de 2018 e deve reforçar a dificuldade de competir num mercado cada dia mais disputado. Suas principais competidores no país vivem bom momento. A B2W, tradicional líder do varejo online, aposta numa crescente integração com a Lojas Americanas [...]

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Bye Bye Brazil? Not for Netflix

Brazil has quietly become Netflix’s No. 2 foreign market (after the United Kingdom) since the SVOD pioneer established service in the country in 2011. With the largest economy in Latin America ($902 billion GDP), Brazil is a hotbed for U.S. multimedia companies doing business south of the border. And Netflix is leading the way in [...]

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Disney Closes $71 Billion 21st Century Fox Deal

After 15 months of wrangling and planning, Disney has formally sealed the deal on its $71 billion acquisition of 21st Century Fox. “This is an extraordinary and historic moment for us — one that will create significant long-term value for our company and our shareholders,” Disney chairman-CEO Bob Iger said in a statement on Tuesday [...]

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AT&T to revamp DirecTV Now with new plans bundling in HBO, price hikes

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said in December the company would soon adjust the content mix on its DirecTV Now streaming service and raise the monthly subscription to around the “$50 to $60” point — meaning, at least $10 per month more than it is today. This week, AT&T is preparing to follow through on those [...]

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Report: Disney in talks with AT&T to buy WarnerMedia’s 10% Hulu stake

Disney is in discussions to buy AT&T’s 10 percent stake in Hulu, which it comes into by way of its WarnerMedia acquisition, according to a report from Variety this morning. The news is not surprising — AT&T had already said it was exploring a sale. And Disney has been looking to increase its stake in [...]

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AT&T details its streaming service plans as it weighs a sale of its Hulu stake

AT&T may be ready to sell its stake in Hulu, the company revealed in an analyst presentation on Thursday. The company currently owns a 10 percent stake in the service by way of WarnerMedia, as a result of its Time Warner acquisition. But AT&T today is running its own streaming services, including live TV service [...]

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